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File Extension RTF is a cross platform document. That means File Extension RTF files can be opened, viewed and edited using any word editing application under different platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac etc. In windows RTF files can be opened in wordpad, MS-Word, Open Office. In Mac platform Apple TextEdit and Nuance OmniPage Pro X can open File Extension RTF. Even Abi Word, Word Viewer application can also open File Extension RTF.
RTF files are in between ordinary text document and MS-Word .doc document. Because It can have rich tect features like bold, italic but not upto the extent of MS-Word document. Also it's not as simple as text files. File Extension RTF do not support many of the features of more advanced word processed document formats such as DOC, they are stored in ASCII format rather than binary. This means that they are human-readable if opened with a simple text editor as any content is stored in plain text with any formatting indicated by control codes.
File Extension RTF stands for Rich Text Format. It's developed by Microsoft in late 1980's. It's developed keeping in view of cross-platform compatibility. The documents with rich text characteristics like bold, italic, underlined etc are given File Extension RTF. These files primarily contain text with additional control codes which identify the file type and also indicate formatting features to an application used to open it. RTF files can contain a variety of formatting, including emboldened, italic and underlined text, paragraphs, text justification, bullet points, text colours and tab spaces. It is also possible to embed objects, such as images or PDF files, in packages within RTF files, which can then be activated and viewed using an appropriate application. Before the development of MS-Office Microsoft developed RTF. Even after development of MS-Word, Microsoft continued File Extension RTF because of it's cross-platform compatible.
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