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I am giving you some trick to increase your internet speed by using mobile to PC. Let’s understand how the internet works in brief so that we can make necessary changes.

Important Note :Before making these changes it’s advised to take backup of the registry

When you try to connect to any site your internet sends information data to back and forth. Several of this data deals with resolving the website name to an IP address, the main things is TCP/IP actually deals with, it’s not words. This is DNS information and is used so that you will not need to ask for the website address each and every time you visit website. Although Windows XP and windows 2000 have a capable DNS cache, you can boost its overall performance by growing its size. You can do this with the registry entries below:

  1. go to Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. and key
  2. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dnscache\Parameters]
  3. type "CacheHashTableBucketSize"=dword:00000001
  4. type CacheHashTableSize"=dword:00000180
  5. MaxCacheEntryTtlLimit"=dword:0000fa00
  6. MaxSOACacheEntryTtlLimit"=dword:0000012d
  7. now you can make a new text file and change the name of it to dnscache.reg.
  8. Then copy above file and paste into it and save it. 8) Then combine it into the registry.

If you are using internet explorer then I will suggest you to use trick, follow:

  1. Open a command prompt window for that click on start then run and type cmd in it.
  2. Exit Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer
  3. now type this commands from your command window to delete the corrupt file:
  4. C:\>del "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local
  5. Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat"
  6. Now close windows explorer and again close by using Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del/Task Manager/Applications/New Task/Browse/C:\Windows\explorer.exe[or your path]) or you can Reboot your PC from Task Manager.

Some More Tips & tricks

  • Use Browsers based on Firefox. It gives maximum speed and map reading is much superior. Another option is to use Opera.
  • Install download manager for downloading anything from internet. It gives you four times more speed and sometimes up to eight times.
  • Use Add-on like Adblock Plus, Fasterfox etc.
  • Use Google Chrome, Wyzo, Flock, Epic Browser.

National Payment Corporation of India rolled out a service for Inter-bank Mobile Payment Service in India.  This service is believed to be revolutionize the retail money payment sector in India.  The NPCI is the umbrella organization for all retail payment systems in the country owned and operated by banks. NPCI claims that the mobile payment system is as secure as net-banking. The major advantage of IMPS is that a customer does not have to use a computer or an internet-enabled phone to transfer funds. This is something truly Mobile. Earlier Mobile banking is limited to transactions using mobile with GPRS internet connection.

Mobile banking :

Till now, the transfer of money through mobile phones was only allowed if both sender and receiver held accounts with the same bank. As of now, seven banks including HDFC, ICICI, AXIS and SBI have gone live with the system. Seven more banks are in the process of activating the service and 22 others expected to join the network soon.

How to Use Mobile Banking : Step-by-step guide

  1. Register your mobile number in your account with the bank
  2. Get your MMID and MPIN
  3. Download and activate mobile banking application on mobile
  4. Open the mobile banking application
  5. Select Funds Transfer
  6. Select Mobile to Mobile Transfer (IMPS)
  7. Enter mobile number of payee
  8. Enter MMID
  9. Enter purpose (optional)
  10. Enter amount
  11. Select account to be debited
  12. Choose OK
  13. Enter MPIN
  14. Choose confirm and send request

Free 3G USB Data card Settings

Download free ebook on all the 3G settings from the below link. 3G Mobile is a new technology where you can enjoy the ultimate speed of data transfer using your mobile. BSNL announced it’s 3G tariff plan. DOCOMO, Airtel and Vodafone is launching their 3G service soon.

ebook Download

3G USB Data Card Settings -
AirCard880 3G Settings
MicromaxMMX300G USB 3G Data Card Settings -
Installation procedure for HUAWEI make HDSPA USB Stick_ Model No E156G HUAWEIE156G -
3G mobile tv Settings - 7 comments

The dark red and white combination logo of Airtel has gone. As part of it’s new brand makeover Airtel changed it’s logo, though the love with red shades remains.


Like the logo the signature tune is also set for for a change. The Oscar winning music maestro and brand ambassador of Airtel A.R.Rahman is going to compose the new signature tune.

A London based company Brand Union has designed its new logo. The new logo is the letter ‘a’ in lowercase, with ‘airtel’ written in lowercase under the logo. Interestingly, Brand Union is associated with Vodafone’s logo.

The new brand is to be splashed all over the world where Airtel has it’s footprints. Namely India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Seychelles. Company had already said that Zain will be re-branded as Airtel, but, this will be part of a bigger brand to give a fresh image to Airtel. This new makeover is to bring a youthful look to the boring company, as it approaches a global standing.


Nokia Ovi store has a huge user base. You can create a mobile site and sell in Nokia Ovi store and earn money through advertising. After taking clue from various players like amazon kindle, Android apps, Facebook apps etc. Nokia has launched a easy way to create a mobile website for Ovi apps.  

Now anyone can create an app for Ovi Store in just a few minutes. It's fast. It's easy. And it's free. No programming skills are required and it's open to all individuals and businesses, with no registration fees. After you’ve created your app and registered as an Ovi store publisher, it will become available to millions of Ovi Store customers within 24 hours of your submission.


How to Create
To create your app, enter the URL for your website's RSS or Atom feed. You can include up to three additional feeds for news, a blog, or a feed for your content from YouTube or Twitter.

Customize your application
Customize your application by uploading your logo and icon, and selecting your own colors for your app.

Distribute to millions
Create an app, register as a publisher to Ovi Store, and your content will be available within 24 hours to nearly all Nokia devices which support Ovi Store.

Monetize with optional advertising
If you want to add optional advertising to your application, it's easy. Just select your ad partner and enter your account ID. The money you earn is yours to keep!
Create an app, make it available, and begin experiencing the power and reach of Ovi Store! Check out the new Ovi Appwizard.

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